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Extraordinary Development Opportunity

Within New Small Area Plan in Alexandria, VA

The Shirley Gardens Group


Extraordinary Development Opportunity Within New S.A.P. in Alexandria Concept of what it could be. Location of the Beauregard Small Area Plan Description of Approved Plan. Zoning Upgrades Prospect About the Shirley Gardens Group, Inc. Owners Contact the Shirley Garden Group to get more information or to present contracts. Entertainment in West Alexandria.

DESCRIPTION: The total area of the subdivision, exclusive of roads, is 342,384 square feet, or 7.8601 acres, with the average lot size being 20,140 square feet. (If roads and rights of way are included, the area is approximately 9.25 acres.) All lots are open, and most have mature, mixed wood trees on their peripheries. The elevation averages 250 feet above sea level, and the properties are well drained, generally level, and directly serviced by two public streets (Fairbanks and Foster Avenues). The majority of homes were built in 1950-51, and average less than 1,000 square feet of living space each. Natural gas, city water and sewer are available to all properties. None of the subdivision is located in a Watershed Restoration Area, a Stream Restoration Area, a Resource Preservation Area (RPA), nor an Historical or Archeological Resource Area.



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