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Extraordinary Development Opportunity

Within New Small Area Plan in Alexandria, VA

The Shirley Gardens Group


Extraordinary Development Opportunity Within New S.A.P. in Alexandria Concept of what it could be. Location of the Beauregard Small Area Plan Description of Approved Plan. Zoning Upgrades Prospect About the Shirley Gardens Group, Inc. Owners Contact the Shirley Garden Group to get more information or to present contracts. Entertainment in West Alexandria.

CONCEPT: The concept for the re-development of Shirley Garden (which the City will refer to as UPLAND PARK) encompasses:

535 residential units (townhomes and medium rise apartment buildings) Approximately 78,500 square feet of office space, or a 140 room boutique hotel 8,000 square feet of retail space, with 8,000 square feet more of optional retail .85 acres of open space.

This, and other developments within the CDD, will be supported by a new intersection at Seminary Road and N. Beauregard Street, a new transportation hub for Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) at an adjacent tract, and a transportation corridor (Alexandria Transportation Corridor “C”) running through the CDD area along a re-vitalized North Beauregard Street. All other elements of the CDD will compliment each other, to provide an entirely revamped western gateway to Alexandria.




Cape Cod: 2 bedroom, 1 bathroom, large backyard. 5129 Fairbanks Ave. 22311
Contact: owner Bradley Buchanan,


Trailer Storage

Park your licensed trailer by the month, no extra fuel tanks please. E-mail UglyTrol@AlexGateWest.com for information.


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