Upland Park formally Shirley Garden opportunity for a visionary developer with owners group willing to sell immediately, SAP in place, prosperous area, with Alexandria city plan for new transportation corridor, convenient to government and military offices, entertainment and cultural centers. Web site representing opportunity becomes home to Upland Park and West Alexandria community events, entertainment, local merchant advertising. Links to historic downtown Alexandria sites. A lamppost indicates hospitality and guidance to strangers.

Extraordinary Development Opportunity

Within New Small Area Plan in Alexandria, VA

Beauregard Small Area Plan Approved • Fairbanks Avenue, Alexandria, Virginia

The Shirley Gardens Group

Property Owners Agreeable

Recently Signed LOI

Extraordinary Development Opportunity Within New S.A.P. in Alexandria Concept of what it could be. Location of the Beauregard Small Area Plan Description of Approved Plan. Zoning Upgrades Prospect for a visionary developer About the Shirley Gardens Group, Inc. Owners Contact the Shirley Garden Group to get more information or to present contracts. Entertainment in West Alexandria.
"Help us light the pathway to a new, modern development concept, a gateway to historic Alexandria, Virginia." INOVA Alexandria Hospital Virginia Theological Seminary

Alexandria Hospital, Episcopal Seminary,
NOVA Community College,
Hilton Mark Plaza

Landmark Shopping Center Current SAP Northern Virginia Community College Alex Campus
Schlesinger Theater and Fischer Gallery of NVCC Alex Campus Hilton Mark Plaza
Skyline Mall,
Seminary Plaza,
Schlesinger Theatre and
Art Center,

Landmark Center
Seminary Plaza Center Skyline Mall St. Patrick's Parade downtown Alexandria video.  

Developer, Why You Want This

• Western Gateway to the City of Alexandria, Seminary Road

• A nearly ten acre subdivision newly zoned for Commercial / Residential Mixed use

• Prosperous Area

• Inside Capitol Beltway I495

• Near I395 Interchange

• Owners Ready to Sell

• Small Area Plan Approved, See Online

• Adjacent to the Alexandria planned transportation corridor.

• Close to the new U.S. Army Headquarters (4000 employees).


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